To late for White house to try to claim they should not be involved in Zimmerman trial

The President of the United states injected himself into a local case in Florida at the time for one reason and one reason only! It was politically expedient.

What do I mean by that? He was running for re-election and he was using all the wedge issues he could to get different classes and races to vote for him and what better way to get blacks to see him as their man than to make the racial insertion that “if I had a son. He would look like Trayvon.” Now it comes out that the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) was involved on campaigning/pressuring local officials in Florida push for charges against Mr. Zimmerman.

Yes you heard me right. The legal watchdog Judicial Watch has obtained documents revealing the Community Relations Service (CRS), a unit of the Department of Justice, was deployed to Sanford, Fla., following the death of Trayvon Martin to help organize rallies against George Zimmerman. Judicial Watch also released an audio recording Thursday of a Department of Justice staffer urging Sanford, Fla., city officials to seek justice for Trayvon Martin.

Now think about that. The full power of the Federal government from the President down puts it’s weight behind pushing to prosecute 1 single American in a local indecent that should have never made anything more than the local news and should have been handled by the local police and DA. Those people elected by those who live in the community to provide justice and law for that area, but with the additional help of race baiting hustlers Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton and the liberal press (who creatively edit audio to make Zimmerman sound like a racist) the community is whipped into a racial frenzy Zimmerman is assumed guilty in the public domain and the circus is in full swing.

Now to present day we have White House paid liar and court jester Jay Carney when asked if the President has any concerns over the outcome of the trial says that the President doesn’t watch t.v. (ROFL from the same President that says he heard of the IRS scandel t.v. news) and doesn’t comment on ongoing trials.

This is abuse of power folks and let’s hope none of us are every in the sites of this out of control administration. Here is hoping that Justice prevails despite the governments tampering.


One thought on “To late for White house to try to claim they should not be involved in Zimmerman trial

  1. Our government today is a joke. All of it. It almost makes me upset to call myself an American. I saw that comment that Obama made a while ago and it outraged me. I had never heard Obama use his race before. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted racial equality. Obama just disgraced MLK by that comment. He is seeing color and that’s what MLK fought so hard against.
    So many people are outraged saying the case ended up as it did because of race. That is not true at all. It was all based on the lack of evidence on Treyvon’s defense attorney. People are so quick to pull the race card when it comes to negative things about minorities. Improvement comes from progress. Pulling the race card is not progressing anything. If anything it’s regressing things.
    It’s really a shame that people only see color. It’s really a shame. A teenager’s life was lost because of a man’s poor decision. That’s it.

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